, ProTek Inc., is your site for free computer and electronic recycling in New York
City (Manhattan, Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn and Staten Island), Long Island, Westchester County, South
Western CT, and north to Albany.  Most pickups can be done within 48 hours.
FREE New York Computer Recycling of:

Computers  - Monitors - Laptops
Bulk Computers / Monitors Computer
Computer Accessories
Bulk Laptops - Servers
Network Systems
Phone Systems
Entertainment Systems
Flat Panel Televisions

Most People will qualify for a FREE
48 hour computer recycling pickup
at their front door or office
Visit our form , fill out your information and our transporter will call to make pickup arrangements.
New York City Computer Recycling
ProTek Recycling Inc. - NY.Gov Registered
Fully Insured Computer Recycling Service in New York City
Specializing in Corporate Computer Recycling - Bulk Pickups

Important Links:

Manhattan Chamber of Commerce registered electronic waste recycling

Our Hard Drive/Data Security Process
Attention Office and IT managers:

We recycle large corporate computer
systems for free, including:

Bulk Computer Systems
Accessories - Phone Systems
Laptops - Network Systems
Servers - Projectors
Computer Components
Monitors - Bulk Towers

We provide Manhattan Business Computer
Recycling Services while providing an
insurance certificate to your building
managers, doorman or security and a
certificate of destruction for your hard drive
and data storage systems to you.

We now accept CRT(Old
Style) Monitors, for free to recycle.
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