Data Security/Hard Drive Destruction

We at ProTek Recycling know that data security is of the utmost importance to you. And just like with
environmental responsibility, we want all of our corporate partners to know exactly what happens with their data-
containing devices and how we manage and eliminate all risk. 

Data we receive is primarily in the form of hard-drives.  Many companies chose to remove hard-drives prior to
passing off desktops/servers/laptops to us, so that they can be handled by internal procedures.  We fully support
this and are more than happy to recycle drives that have already been destroyed in this way.
If your company is not able to do this, we have designed our own procedures to protect your data to the fullest
extent.  The first step, before desktops are refurbished or disassembled for recycling, is to remove the hard drive. 
In the case of refurbishment, it is done before the machine is ever turned on. We will never view, copy, or
otherwise access any data on hard drives that we receive. Hard drives are then kept locked up until they
can be destroyed. 

Our destruction methods are varied depending on the drive, and in many cases redundant measures are used. 
The vast majority of drives are disassembled by hand for maximum material separation.  While this method is
slower, it does allow us to destroy the disks by themselves, which are then mixed with the material of hundreds of
other destroyed drives.  Glass disks are shattered into pieces less than 1mm in size and, in a similar fashion,
aluminum disks are shredded. 

Magnetic tape media such as Floppy Disks, DTL, or LTO tapes are erased using high-strength permanent
magnets.  They are then properly recycled according to their constituent materials.
By the end of this, your data is completely destroyed with no possibility of recovery.  Because of this, we highly
encourage you to be sure to remove any data that you might need before passing it onto us as we will not be able
to retrieve anything once your material begins this process. 
We will be happy to provide a certificate of destruction which will document these procedures to any company
which requests it.
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