So where does my e-waste go?

Our process starts at your door when we collect the electronics that are old or no longer of use to you.  We pride
ourselves in professional service and will come to your door to collect any quantity. 

The e-waste is then carefully packaged in our trucks to minimize breakage and damage.  Once the material is at
our facility, itís carefully sorted by type to be reviewed for potential refurbishment. 

Reuse is much more efficient than even recycling, so we take great steps to return as much of the material as
possible back to use.  Trained technicians, after removing any hard drives, restore systems back to working
order or separate useful components from machines too old to be used on their own.   In some cases, we have
donated recycled equipment to schools or universities.   As long as someone is able to use the equipment, it
does not belong in the waste stream.

Some equipment is just too old or damaged for reuse.  In this case, trained personnel disassemble the matcerial
by hand into the basest of material which then can be sent directly to manufacturers or refineries for further
processing.  Hand disassembly ensures the highest separation and the safest handling of potentially hazardous
material like lead batteries and mercury lamps.  

We make sure to do as much of this processing as possible in-house to ensure that we know exactly where our
material goes and so that you can have peace of mind knowing that your electronic waste is handled correctly
and not shipped overseas. 
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